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Basic Homicide Investigation Course

This 40 hour course was designed and focuses on training the aspiring or new detective. The course covers a variety of topics including crime scene processing, interviews and interrogations, case management, media relations, documentation and report writing, and much more.

Advanced Homicide / Violent Crimes Investigations Course

This 40 hour course is designed for the veteran detective. The topics include mass killing investigations, personality based interviews, exploitation of digital evidence, victim services, serial, sexual based crime scenes, and more.

Cold Case / No Body Homicide Investigation / Prosecution Course

This 32 hour course is scheduled to be presented for the first time in May 2021, and includes topics of establishing a cold case unit, how to build a no-body case, complete case analysis, laboratory and evidence considerations, interviews and interrogations, confessions, case presentation and prosecution.


This 40-hour course will focus on Behaviors, Indicators, and Management.  National and behavioral threat assessments, pre-attack behaviors, pathways to violence, post-incident response, investigative resources, legal considerations, victim services, lessons learned, case studies, TTX.





Our Courses Also Include the Below Varying Topics and More:

**NOTE: Scheduling of topics may vary**

Opening and Administrative Matters

Responsibilities of the Homicide Investigator

First Responder Issues

Crime Scene Analysis

Homicide Types and Offender Motivations

Crime Scene Processing

Laboratory Capabilities

Evidence Processing

Coroner/Medical Examiner

Investigative Resources

Investigative Techniques

Interview and Interrogation

Suspect Development and Elimination

Victim Issues

Case Management

Documentation and Report Writing

Media Relations

Prosecution and Legal Matters


Stress Management

Criterion Testing and Closing

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